How to Root Your Android Phone

Android users time after time root their Android in order to keep their devises safe from draining.

Here is one of similar cases:

“My device’s battery drains fast, so I need to charge my phone often. I can do it even few times a day, and it is so inconvenient. Being in a business trip, makes me always worry about my phone runs of battery and I will miss very important calls. After searching in the Internet, I have found many tips about stopping particular apps from operating automatically.”

In the case you want to stop some apps from operating automatically, you need to flash it in order to get some extra privilege. Very simple and efficient tool is recommended here - One Click Root.

One Click Root – very efficient tool created to help Android users in keeping their devises from battery running often off by enhancing them, and so on. Rooting Android is crucial, if you want your device to work properly. In the same time, having your smart phone rooted means giving up on your phone’s warranty. One Click Root has everything needed for rooting the device with a high success level. It is easy to operate. In addition, it is free for downloading. Therefore, try to root your Android device with this tool.

Before starting to root your device, read the following:

  1. It is better for you to back up your Android device data before launching the process. It is for the case if the process fails resulting in loosing data.
  2. More than 25% of battery change is needed for running the process. If battery runs off, the entire process will be failed.
  3. USB debugging enabling is must. In other case, your phone will not be detected and process remains unfinished.
  4. Be aware, no warranty policy will be available after rooting your phone.

Once you downloaded One Click Root using the button above, start the entire process from the first step.

First Step.

Starting the process, assure all your data are backed up. Do not risk to lose important data in the process of rooting, so back up your Android first. There are numerous back up tools for different models of phones, including HTC Sync Manager, Samsung Kies, Motorola Migrate, Sony PC Companion, and others. The easiest one in operating is Phone Transfer. There is no matter what back up tool you choose, the most important to keep your data safe.

Second Step.

Once One Click Tool is installed, connect Android device to PC. After your phone will be identified successfully, the program starts to operate on your device, and an easy and convenient interface will be available.

Third Step.

This is the last, but most important step – the rooting of the device. Once you click “Root now”, your Android phone rooting process will be launched. It may take some time for you to wait. Eventually, once the process is done, you will be told that the process finished with the pop-up window appeared.

Moreover, the entire process will be finished. Once you effectively root your Android with One Click Root, you will get a possibility to mute notices of Android apps, move apps to SD card, take away bloatware and extend your Android’s battery lifespan. With this great tool, you can root Sony Xteria, HTC One and Samsung as well. This tool is good to operate on different phones. In order to be sure whether the tool supports your device, connect it first to be notified about your device compatibility with the tool.